What I do

My research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization and Data Analysis, User Experience Modeling, Reflective technologies, Interpretation systems, or Document and Knowledge Engineering. Application domains are related to education, culture, health, humanities… I focus on interdisciplinary approaches for the study of human-machine coupling and co-development and collaborate with people from sociology, psychology, ergonomy, anthropology, education science, philosophy, design, medecine, focusing on real world activities.

News (all)

Jan. 23: Use of Virtual Reality for Evaluating Cognitive Functions for Diagnosis in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. Toinon Vigier and I were invited at the one week Phiteco (Philosophy Technology Cognition) seminar for a presentation of our work in psychotherapy and virtual reality. The seminar was recorded (in french)

Nov. 22: Workshop - Patient Experience and Experiential Knowledge -. The PEEL (Patient Experience Evaluation Lab) that I co-lead organized a one day workshop on patient experience and experiential knowledge, with 3 keynotes speakers, 2 panels, and the presentations of several projects we carry in Nantes. Everything was recorded and is available on YouTube available on YouTube (in french)

Dec. 20: PhD Thesis Defense on Progressive Analytics. Vincent Raveneau has successfully defended his thesis on Progressive Pattern mining, the source code of the tool he built is available as open source. A dedicated webpage is available with all the information (manuscript, slides, source code, etc.

Recent publications (all)

Roman Malo, Yannick Prié. (2023) L’entretien d’explicitation comme outil d’investigation des processus psychiques en contexte expérimental : l’exemple de la flexibilité psychologique in Expliciter - Hors-série 1 - Actes du colloque Pierre Vermersch, March 2023, pp 197-212. Show abstract

Samuel Bulteau, Andrew Laurin, Kalyane Bach-Ngohou, Morgane Péré, Marie-Anne Vibet, Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Véronique Sebille, Lydie Lagalice, Élodie Faurel-Paul, Didier Acier, Thomas Rabeyron, Valéry-Pierre Riche, Anne Sauvaget, Florian Melki, Toinon Vigier, Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Olivier Charlet, Yannick Prié. (2022) Feasibility of combining transcranial direct current stimulation and full embodied virtual reality for visual height intolerance: a double-blind randomized controlled study in Journal of Clinical Medecine 2022, 11(2), 345; doi Show abstract

Euisung Kim, Jieun Han, Hojin Choi, Yannick Prié, Toinon Vigier, Samuel Bulteau, Gyu Hyun Kwon. (2021) Examining the Academic Trends in Neuropsychological Tests for Executive Functions Using Virtual Reality: Systematic Literature Review in JMIR Serious Games 2021;9(4):e30249 doi Show abstract

Nicolas Ribeiro, Toinon Vigier, Yannick Prié. (2021) Tracking motor activity in Virtual Reality to reveal cognitive functioning: A preliminary study in International Journal of Virtual Reality, 21(1), 30-46. doi Show abstract