What I do

My research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization and Data Analysis, User Experience Modeling, Reflective technologies, Interpretation systems, or Document and Knowledge Engineering. Application domains are related to education, culture, health, humanities… I focus on interdisciplinary approaches for the study of human-machine coupling and co-development and collaborate with people from sociology, psychology, ergonomy, anthropology, education science, philosophy, design, medecine, focusing on real world activities.

News (all)

Dec. 23: PhD Defense of Roman Malo. Roman Malo successfully defended his doctoral thesis in psychology titled “Psychological Flexibility, Psychopathology, and Virtual Reality - From Subjective Measurement to the Possibility of Objective Measurement of Transdiagnostic Processes”. I had the pleasure of co-supervising this thesis with Didier Acier (Psychology) and Samuel Bulteau (Psychiatry). Roman is particularly interested in the possibility of using ecological tasks (corresponding to real-life situations) in virtual reality to study how participants navigate problematic situations while demonstrating psychological flexibility. He employs both observational data and micro-phenomenological interviews to closely follow the specific experiences of his participants. This mixed approach has highlighted that “anxious” participants do not react in the same way as “healthy” participants, and their experiences differ, paving the way for a renewed understanding of flexibility.

Jun. 23: CARE IMX Workshop. Our Workshop on the “Future Immersive Healthcare Experience in Medical and Home Settings” was held successfully during the ACM IMX Conference in Nantes. We had a keynote by Mel Slater on “Virtual Reality in Mental Health – A Self-Counselling Approach”, 5 papers, and a panel on the topic “What will be healthcare with immersive technologies in 2033?” with Dr. Eric Malbos (Psychiatry), Pierre Gadea (C2CARE – VR software for healthcare), and Pr Mel Slater. More information on the workshop site

Jan. 23: Use of Virtual Reality for Evaluating Cognitive Functions for Diagnosis in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. Toinon Vigier and I were invited at the one week Phiteco (Philosophy Technology Cognition) seminar for a presentation of our work in psychotherapy and virtual reality. The seminar was recorded (in french)

Recent publications (all)

Jean-Philippe Rivière, Roman Malo, Louis Vinet, Yannick Prié. (2024) Utiliser l’entretien d’explicitation pour collecter et comparer des expériences vécues en réalité virtuelle : un bilan de deux études in IHM 2024, 25e conférence internationale francophone sur l’interaction humain-machine, Paris, 25-29 mars, 20 pp. Show abstract

Nicolas Ribeiro, Toinon Vigier, Jieun Han, Gyu Hyun Kwon, Hojin Choi, Samuel Bulteau, Yannick Prié. (2024) Three Virtual Reality Environments for the Assessment of Executive Functioning Using Performance Scores and Kinematics: an Embodied and Ecological Approach to Cognition in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, to appear. doi Show abstract

Jieun Han, Gyu Hyun Kwon, Roman Malo, Yannick Prié, and Zied Kefi (Ed). (2023) Future Immersive Healthcare Experience in Medical and Home Setting in Proceedings of the 2023 ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences Workshops (IMXw ‘23), Nantes, France, June doi Show abstract

Mel Slater, Eric Malbos, Pierre Gadea,Yannick Prié. (2023) Panel: Immersive technologies and healthcare ten years from now in Proceedings of the 2023 ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences Workshops (IMXw ‘23), Nantes, France, June doi Show abstract