Postdoc position in Immersive Analytics (6-7 months from Jan. 202O)


The postdoctoral researcher will extend the work we have been carrying on how to visualize and interact with 3D scatterplots in Virtual Reality (see references below). His/her first task is to develop an experiment that aims to compare two types of data immersion. Other tasks and research directions will depend on his/her personal interest.


6-7 months, beginning in January


The lab is located in the vibrant city of Nantes, close to the beautiful Atlantic coast of South Brittany. Nantes has been named the 2019 European Capital of Innovation.


Net monthly salary > 2000€, depending on experience.


Pr. Yannick Prié


PhD in Data Visualization or HCI with a strong interest for immersive technologies and experience in formal evaluation. Good written and oral communication skills.


Send CV + motivation + references to

Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

References (see the publication page for links)

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