COCoNotes Live

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Private microblogging for lectures or seminar

COCoNotes live is a web-based private microblogging tool for the live annotation of lectures and seminars that are being video recorded. It features the possibility to categorize notes The annotations can be afterwards synchronized with the event recording.

Funding: Comin Open Courseware project from Labex Cominlabs (ANR) and Région Pays de la Loire.

A screencast describing COCoNotes Live is available within the Coconotes platform (see also the Coconotes dedicated page).

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The interface is rather basic

  • Group annotations can be seen in the timeline
  • Annotations are entered in the main form, and categorized if the user validates with a category button.
  • Creating a new category can be done by typing "New category: annotation". The new category is automatically added to the category list

Mobile interface