Full Professor in Computer Science

University of Nantes
Teaching at Polytech Nantes
Research at LS2N - UMR 6004 CNRS, Data User Knowledge (DUKe)

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(may 2017) Learning analytics Postdoc position available Learning analytics and dashboards for tablet-based active learning in classroom
(may 2017) Design/HCI/Dataviz PhD fellowship available Representing and interacting with symbolic data within immersive environments
(apr 2017) EC-Bridge has been selected by the FUI23 call: we will do trace-based recommendation for museography
(apr 2017) Beginning of the Revistim-X project (VR and rTMS, an experiential approach) with psychologists and psychotherapists
(deb 2017) Participating to Dagstughl Seminar "Beyond VR and AR: Reimagining Experience Sharing and Skill Transfer Towards an Internet of Abilities"
(jan 2017) LINA and IRCCyN give birth to a new lab: LS2N (Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes) UMR CNRS 6004
(jan 2017) Master's student internship on Immersive exploration of temporal data
(oct 2016) The Nantes Nantes Dataviz Meetup is officially launched (with Grégoire Cliquet and Vincent Tourré)
(jul 2015) Vincent Raveneau has obtained a grant to begin his PhD thesis on "Instantaneous interactive mining of activity data" next october (with Julien Blanchard and myself).
(may 2015) Our paper Reflection-in-Action Markers for Reflection-on-Action in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Settings with Elise Lavoué, Gaëlle Molinari, and Safè Khezami has been accepted for publication by Computers & Education.
(april 2015) HCI/Data visualisation postdoc position available Visualizing image construction in astrophysics (EPISTEME project)
(july 2014) I will participate in 3 ANR projects accepted on the 2014 generic call: EPISTEME on Digital Studies, HUBBLE on Learning Analytics, CIRESFI on Digital Humanities.
(july 2014) Meta-education project is officially alive after 2 years of coma, I will work mainly with Elise Lavoué (LIRIS) on CSCL studies.
(jun 2014) Diplôme Universitaire DU DESSiiN (DESign de Services Interactifs INnovants Objets communicants & Interfaces tangibles) will launch in september. This short curriculum aims to help engineers and designers discover interdisciplinary synergy around a common project.

Contact information


Rue Christian Pauc
44306 Nantes cedex 3
(+33) 2 40 68 32 48
(+33) 2 40 68 32 40

Short curriculum

Born 16/11/1971. One child. Graduate Engineer from the french Engineering School Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, Brest (1995), Master's thesis in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences, Interpretative Semantics and Computing, with honours, University of Rennes 1. PhD Thesis, Representing Audiovisual Documents with Annotations Interconnected Strata for Contextual Exploitation, LISI, INSA-Lyon, with honours. Associate professor at the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University between 2000 and 2012. HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherche) entitled Towards a Phenomenology of Digital Inscriptions. Dynamics of Activity and Informational Structures in Interpretation Systems in nov. 2011 (see Thesis). Full Professor at University of Nantes since sept. 2012.

Old News

(sept 2013) COCo (Comin OpenCourseware) project has been launched for 3 years, its aim is to build an experimental platform for Open Educational Ressources construction, diffusion and collaborative use.
(april 2013) A position of pedagogical support and open course projects management will be opened in september at University of Nantes (one year, renewable)
(april 2013) Looking for a PhD candidate for an industrial PhD thesis in the cultural domain, related to mining and interactive visualisation
(jan 2013) Sujet de thèse disponible au LIRIS dans le cadre du projet Meta-Education Construction collaborative de documents hypermédias dans les ENT : modèles, outils et pratiques
(sept 2012) Arrival in Nantes (LINA / Polytech)
(july 2012) Several projects have been accepted: JANUS (Labex IMU), Co-adaptation (IXXI) and Spectacle en ligne(s) (ANR Corpus)
(june 2012) Our paper "CHM: an Annotation- and Component-based Hypervideo Model for the Web" with Madjid Sadallah and Olivier Aubert has been accepted for publication by Multimedia Tools and Applications (already online)
(june 2012) This is official, next year I will be full professor at University of Nantes (LINA laboratory).
(june 2012) Paper accepted at EKAW 2012 with Olivier Curé and Pierre-Antoine Champin. (march 2012) DIS 2012 paper has been accepted. Master 'Information Architecture" (Architecture de l'information) has been accepted, Beginning of project eGonomy, due to a lack of candidates, the postdoc position will now open in septembre 2012: Trace-based histories for navigating in image databases.
(feb 2012) beginning of projects CLAIRE and QueJant.
(jan 2012) the eGonomy project has been officially accepted, we have a postdoc position for march on Trace-based histories for navigating in image databases.
(dec 2012) DATADATA à la Gaité Lyrique le 27 janvier 2012.
(nov 2011) My Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches has been defended the 18th of november 2011.


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