Ecoles thématiques CNRS / CNRS Summer Schools

Enaction et sciences cognitives / Enaction and Cognitive Science

Ecole 2007 : du 7 au 17 septembre 2007 - Fréjus (France)


Julien Laroche

Status Thesis student
University / Laboratory

Laboratoire ETIC, Université Paul Verlaine de Metz

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Research theme

I'm working in the field of social cognitive neurosciences, in a comparative, cross-cultural fashion. Precisely, I'm interested in the causal explanation of human behaviour by human agents themselves. The point is to understand the nature of socio-cognitive processes as they are realized and constrained by the central nervous system on the one hand, and the way the functional organization of the brain is shaped by socio-cultural systems in which people interact on the other hand. Enaction theories seem to me to be the most relevant framework to articulate the individual / internal point of view with the social / external point of view.

Also, as a musician, I'm interested in enaction theories contributions to music.

Keywords: Social Cognitive Neurosciences, (Cross-)Cultural Cognition, Causal Attribution, Chinese Cognition, Music.

Video and experimental material

Monte Grande DVD (a movie about Francisco Varela)