Summer Schools / Ecoles thématiques

Enaction and Cognitive Science / Enaction et sciences cognitives

Ecole 2006 : du 29 mai au 3 juin 2006 - Ile d'Oléron (France)

Ezequiel Di Paolo

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Texte complémentaire : Harvey, I., Di Paolo, E. A., Tuci, E., Wood, R., Quinn, M. (2005) Evolutionary Robotics: A New Scientific Tool for Studying Cogntion. Artificial Life, 11: 79-98. (miroir)

Andreas Engel

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Edwin Hutchins

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Hutchins, E. (2006) Imagining the Cognitive Life of Things, presented at the symposium:"The Cognitive Life of Things: Recasting the boundaries of Mind" organized by Colin Renfrew and Lambros Malafouris at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University, UK 7-9 April, 2006.

Texte complémentaire : Hutchins, E. (1995) Cultural Cognition, chapter 9 from Cognition in the wild, MIT Press, 1995

Texte complémentaire : Hutchins, E. (2000) The cognitive consequences of patterns of information flow, Intellectica. 30, pp. 53-74 (disponible également sur le site d'Intellectica)

Benny Shannon (école 2006 / 2006 school)

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John Stewart (école 2006 / 2006 school)

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