Ecoles thématiques CNRS / CNRS Summer Schools

Enaction et sciences cognitives / Enaction and Cognitive Science

Ecole 2007 : du 7 au 17 septembre 2007 - Fréjus (France)


Pierre De Loor

Status University teacher            
University / Laboratory Laboratoire d'Informatique des Systèmes Complexes (Computer Science Laboratory on Complex Systems)
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Research theme

The centers of interest of my laboratory are virtual reality and complex systems. In this context i worked for 8 years on virtual autonomous entities for virtual environments and specially for virtual environments for training. Recently, i'm interested on the link beetwen enaction, virtual reality and simulation. We test artificial dynamical cognition on virtual human with Anthony Lannuzel and Fabrice Harrouet. With Kristen Manac'h (which participates to this school) we simulate artificial autopoietic entities for studying artificial co-evolving.

Virtual reality

Artificial entities


Video and experimental material

Experimental demonstration : ours simulations on autonomous entities, (run on our PC)