Summer Schools / Ecoles thématiques

Enaction and Cognitive Science / Enaction et sciences cognitives

Ecole 2009: from 20 to 26 july, 2009 - Cap Hornu Center, France

4th Enaction Summer School: Observation, point of view and instruments

Everything that is said, is said by an observer (Humberto Maturana)

The theme of observation is central for cognitive science, for two reasons. Firstly, observation is a cognitive activity that by definition poses the question of setting up an adequate distance from the object that is observed; for this reason, observation is itself an object of cognitive science. Secondly, this theme inevitably brings up the question of the nature of the relation between observer and what is observed, recalling the debates between objectivism and constructivism to which Enaction is a party. Finally, the entwining of these two levels the observation of observation, to sum it up by a neat formula emphasizes the intrinsically reflexive character of cognitive science. In order to enrich our studies on these questions, we propose to include the hermeneutical dimension of interpretation and the multiplicity of points of view, notably in their relation to instruments.

DVD : l'association Nangpa a filmé les présentations de l'école. La sortie d'un DVD est prévue pour le 4ème trimestre 2009, vous pouvez souscrire à ce DVD avant le 31 août 2009 pour 35€ au lieu de 55€ en utilisant le formulaire de souscription.