Ecoles thématiques CNRS / CNRS Summer Schools

Enaction et sciences cognitives / Enaction and Cognitive Science

Ecole 2008 : du 7 au 12 septembre 2008 - Cap Hornu (Baie de la Somme, Picardie, France)


Armen Katchatourov

Status Post-doc
University / Laboratory GSP, Costech, University of Technology of Compiegne
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Special information(s) Actual position since 15/05/05, Associated Researcher / Research Engineer, NoE Enactive Interfaces

Research theme

Phenomenology a nd contemporary philosophy: the intertwining between technical objects and the living body

Phenomenology and cognitive sciences: (i) epistemological aspects, (ii) the role of technical devices in augmented / prosthetic perception

In the framework of Enactive Interfaces NoE: experimental and technological development based on exemplary cases for Enactive Interfaces, namely integration of tactile and force feedback in Virtual Environments

In the framework of Enactive Interfaces NoE: co-editor of Lexicon on Enaction

Video and experimental material