Ecoles thématiques CNRS / CNRS Summer Schools

Enaction et sciences cognitives / Enaction and Cognitive Science

Ecole 2008 : du 7 au 12 septembre 2008 - Cap Hornu (Baie de la Somme, Picardie, France)


Fiammetta Ghedini

Status PhD Student
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Fiammetta Ghedini's research focuses on the intersection between art, science and technology. She received a Masters Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Pisa, Faculty of Art History, and a DEA in Aesthetics from the Paris 1 – Sorbonne University, France. As a PhD Student and member of the PERCRO Laboratory, she is primarily involved with Art and Robotics, Enaction and Cultural Heritage. Fiammetta organizes and curates PERCRO seminars and events related to artistic practices exploiting technology as a medium. Her current contributions are in the area of definition and leadership of new projects merging artistic expression and the preservation of cultural heritage with innovative technologies.

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