Ecoles thématiques CNRS / CNRS Summer Schools

Enaction et sciences cognitives / Enaction and Cognitive Science

Ecole 2008 : du 7 au 12 septembre 2008 - Cap Hornu (Baie de la Somme, Picardie, France)


Jean-Baptiste Guignard

Status Research and Teaching Assistant
University / Laboratory

Compiègne University of Technology - Cognitive Suppletion Group

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Special information(s)

In charge of Sc 21 "Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language" (UTC).

MB. of the editorial board of the AFLICO (Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive).

MB. of Enactive Interfaces .

Co-author of Les Grammaires de Construction (2007) ELLUG.  

Research theme

Cognitive Linguistics, Construction Grammars, Epistemology, Enaction.

Currently trying to articulate pragmatics, cognitive grammars and enaction to build a general linguistic model, i.e. a model that both avoids precluding language as a viable object and (but?) redefines it according to the principles advocated by constructivism.   More particularly, I suggest that language symbolic structures provide inherent meaning orientations that situations inevitably modulate. Schematic and lexical constructions (both defined as f/s pairings exhibiting various degrees of substance) therefore form a radial family the entities of which do not necessarily share common features (along with the extended model of prototype semantics). I subsequently argue that language activity obligatorily runs the full gamut of context/language matches and mismatches out of which new expressions/lexicalisations may emerge.        

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