Data Visualization

Our work on traces or annotation visualization, as well as on dashboards, naturally led to officially work on (and teach!) data visualization and visual analytics.

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    ECBridge: Education-Curation Bridge

    Data Visualization Learning Analytics Technology-Enhanced Learning

    EC Bridge aims to create software linking platforms dedicated to the world of education and cultural mediation, to offer cultural institutions support for new educational experiences linking schools, museums, and families. In this project we are implicated in the scenarios in the design of trace-based dashboard for learners, curators, and students.


    Partners: Mazedia, Maskott, LS2N, Ifé ENS-Lyon, Cité des Télécoms, Musée gallo-romain de Fourvière
    Funding: FUI 23
    Beginning: 2017-09-01
    End: 2019-12-31

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    eFIL: e-Feedback for interactive Lecture

    Data Visualization Learning Analytics Reflective Systems Technology-Enhanced Learning

    The project aims at experimenting in lab / classroom the usage of a handwritten note-taking tablet application, that also allows the creation of pedagogical activities (quiz, whiteboards). We want to study the impact of technology instrumentation on active learning methods, and the usage of activity traces for analysis and production of synchronous and post-hoc activity visualisation dashboards, mainly targeted at teachers.


    Partners: LS2N, IntuiDoc, LP3C
    Funding: Cominlabs Labex
    Beginning: 2017-10-01
    End: 2019-12-31

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    EPISTEME: Transdisciplinary epistemology of digital technologies

    Data Visualization Digital Instruments Interpretation Systems Reflective Systems Trace-based Activity Analysis

    Work on data analysis of astrophysical research activity, producing datavisualizations that highligh different processes related to observations, the organization of working groups, as well as the software "black boxes".


    Partners: IRI Centre Pompidou, LINA, LIRIS, CHS Paris 1, CEA Irfu, France Televisions, Mediapart
    Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR)
    Beginning: 2014-10-01
    End: 2018-02-28

    Additional comments

    The aim of this transdisciplinary program EPISTEME is first to identify the most characteristic aspects of the transformation of two chosen disciplines (astrophysics, history) in their relations to their objects under the effect of digital formalization. The other goal is to design instruments for the scientific communities of peers that allow contributive categorization, to support debates and controversies, based on the concept of transindividuation, and to articulate bottom-up -stemming from individual research activities- and top down processes -more or less local, laboratory-, school- or discipline-wide certification processes from peer community debates.

    We developed the Herschel Mission Explorer. We are currently working on a second version that will feature a general design overhaul.

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    Illustration for project EPISTEME Illustration for project EPISTEME Illustration for project EPISTEME
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    IDEA: Immersive Data Exploration and Analysis

    Data Visualization Immersive Analytics Virtual Reality

    IDEA explores immersive analytics by proposing original representations, interaction modalities, and evaluations means. It focuses on multi-dimensional data and HMD-based virtual representations. This project has led to several prototypes, it now includes the PhD thesis of Adrien Fonnet.


    Partners: LS2N, Readi Design Lab
    Funding: West Creative Industry cluster
    Cofunding: University of Nantes / Ministry of Higher Education and Research
    Beginning: 2016-10-01
    End: 2020-08-31

    Related publications

    • Adrien Fonnet, Toinon Vigier, Grégoire Cliquet, Fabien Picarougne, Yannick Prié. (2018) Axes and Coordinate Systems Representations for Immersive Analytics of Multi-Dimensional Data in 4th International Symposium on Big Data Visual and Immersive Analytics BDVA 2018, Konstanz, Germany, October 2018 doi Show abstract
    • Adrien Fonnet, Florian Melki, Yannick Prié, Fabien Picarougne, Grégoire Cliquet. (2018) Immersive Data Exploration and Analysis in Student Interaction Design Research conference, May 2018, Helsinki, Finland. Show abstract
    • Grégoire Cliquet, Matthieu Perreira, Fabien Picarougne, Yannick Prié, Toinon Vigier. (2017) Towards HMD-based Immersive Analytics in Immersive analytics Workshop, IEEE VIS 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Show abstract

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    Illustration for project IDEA Illustration for project IDEA
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    PAPM: Progressive Analytics and Pattern Mining

    Data Visualization Interpretation Systems Progressive analytics

    The project concentrates on the main difficulty of interactive mining, which is not post-mining interaction, nor pre-interaction mining, rather interaction and mining occurring at the same time. We focus on interaction for progressive analytics, our application is in progressive pattern mining of frequent event sequences of user activity traces.


    Partners: LS2N
    Funding: PhD funding
    Beginning: 2015-10-01
    End: 2018-12-31

    Related publications

    • Vincent Raveneau, Julien Blanchard, Yannick Prié. (2018) Progressive sequential pattern mining: steerable visual exploration of patterns with PPMT in Visualization in Data Science (VDS at IEEE VIS 2018), Berlin, Germany, 2018. [AR:30%] Show abstract
    • Vincent Raveneau, Julien Blanchard, Yannick Prié. (2016) Towards an open-source tool for pattern-based progressive analytics on interaction traces in Workshop "Event Event" at IEEE VIS 2016, Baltimore. 3p. Show abstract
    • Katy Tcha-Tokey, Toinon Vigier, Yannick Prié. (2016) Towards an Affordance-Based Approach for Scenario Modeling and Experience Assessment in VR in IEEE VIS 2016, Baltimore. oct. 2016. 2p (Poster) Show abstract

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