Some LIRIS colleagues worked on web accessibility, our work on video annotation was the occasion to try and see what could be done with specific enriched video renderings.

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    ACAV: Collaborative Annotation for Video Accessibility

    Accessibility Document Engineering Video Annotations

    ACAV was dedicated to improving web video accessibility through annotations, mainly aimed at hard-hearing, deaf and blind people. We proposed a modeled approach to video enrichment, and studied various renderings with blind subjects.


    Partners: LIRIS, EURECOM, Dailymotion
    Funding: French Industry Ministry funding, "Innovative web"
    Beginning: 2009-10-01
    End: 2011-10-30

    Related publications

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    Additional comments

    ACAV means “Annotation collaborative pour l’accessibilité vidéo”.

    We had already began playing with Advene on video annotations and accessibility, and the ACAV project allowed us to get funding to get further.

    Additional illustrations

    Illustration for project ACAV Illustration for project ACAV Illustration for project ACAV

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