Virtual Reality

Work with VR technologies began only a few years ago. VR is surprisingly fun as it allows to actually build physical stuff.

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    IDEA: Immersive Data Exploration and Analysis

    Data Visualization Immersive Analytics Virtual Reality

    IDEA explores immersive analytics by proposing original representations, interaction modalities, and evaluations means. It focuses on multi-dimensional data and HMD-based virtual representations. This project has led to several prototypes, it now includes the PhD thesis of Adrien Fonnet.


    Partners: LS2N, Readi Design Lab
    Funding: West Creative Industry cluster
    Cofunding: University of Nantes / Ministry of Higher Education and Research
    Beginning: 2016-10-01
    End: 2020-08-31

    Related publications

    • Axes and Coordinate Systems Representations for Immersive Analytics of Multi-Dimensional Data (2018) Adrien Fonnet, Toinon Vigier, Grégoire Cliquet, Fabien Picarougne, Yannick Prié. in 4th International Symposium on Big Data Visual and Immersive Analytics BDVA 2018, Konstanz, Germany, October 2018 Show abstract
    • Immersive Data Exploration and Analysis (2018) Adrien Fonnet, Florian Melki, Yannick Prié, Fabien Picarougne, Grégoire Cliquet. in Student Interaction Design Research conference, May 2018, Helsinki, Finland. Show abstract
    • Towards HMD-based Immersive Analytics (2017) Grégoire Cliquet, Matthieu Perreira, Fabien Picarougne, Yannick Prié, Toinon Vigier. in Immersive analytics Workshop, IEEE VIS 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Show abstract

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    Illustration for project IDEA Illustration for project IDEA
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    Revistim-X: Virtual Reality and Brain Stimulation: an experiential approach

    Experience analysis and modelling VR and Psychotherapy Virtual Reality

    We study the association of cerebral stimulation and virtual reality for treatment in psychotherapy. We design and build environments and protocols, and analyze patients' experiences using mixed methods. A first feasability and acceptability study has been conducted with acrophobia, depression will be our next application case.


    Partners: LS2N, Sphere, IAC 18
    Funding: Université de Nantes
    Cofunding: CHU Nantes, Fondations Université de Nantes, Fondation CHU Nantes
    Beginning: 2017-10-01
    End: 2018-09-31

    Related publications

    • New VR Experiences for the Personalization of Care in Psychiatry: the Example of ReViSTIM Project (2018) Toinon Vigier, Yannick Prié, Florian Melki, Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Fabien Picarougne, Samuel Bulteau, Olivier Charlet. in Care TVX Workshop at ACM TVX 2018, June 2018, Seoul, South Korea. doi Show abstract

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    Revistim-X clinical trial recording.

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    Illustration for project Revistim-X Illustration for project Revistim-X

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